Let’s compare will to muscle. Let’s also say that you are a runner intent on competing in the next New York City marathon.  You don not rush out, register and simply show up the day of the race. Instead, you practice running, slowly building your strength, stamina and endurance.
  The same holds true for mobilizing your resolve. You do not go straight to the moment of truth and hope for the best–especially if you cannot remember when you last exercised your will. You must nurture and fortify your resources through practice, practice, practice.

[어휘] intent 전념하는, 몰두하는, 열의가 있는(on, upon) / hold true 유효하다, 딱 들어맞다 / resolve v. 결심하다, 결의하다 n. 결의, 결심 / nurture 양육하다, ~을 키우다 / fortify ~을 요새화하다, ~을 강화하다

지문에 hold true 혹은 be true 표현이 나오면 보통 두 개의 비교대상 글이 나옵니다. 두 개의 비교대상 중에 작가가 전달하고자 하는 글은 후자입니다.

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